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CMake GUI "stuck" state

Michael Powell

I am trying for the life of me to persuade CMake GUI to process my
CMakeLists.txt, but it just does not want to go. It seems to be
failing to evaluate obvious things like EXISTS
"path/to/submodule/CMakeList.txt", for instance, when I want to test
for existence of a Git Submodule with CMake support and I can't seem
to figure out what CMake is "thinking", so to speak, how and why it
gets stuck like this.

Then magically, when I cut and paste the conditions either to their
own set (VAR ...), or into an if (<expression>), etc, then suddenly
the state is "broken" and things begin to process about as I expect
them to (or not, if I have bugs further on, for example).

Truly annoying and I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar
behavior out of CMake GUI? And just how to persuade the GUI to do the
right thing when I want it to: i.e. I've edited the CMakeLists.txt and
want to test the change.

I am using CMake v3.9.2 for Windows at the moment.


Michael Powell

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