Build tool mode with MSBuild not ignoring targets excluded from default

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Build tool mode with MSBuild not ignoring targets excluded from default

Kim Kryger
Hello all,
I am using the Build Tool Mode in CMake 3.7.1 to build INSTALL targets in a MSVC11 build folder. According to the documentation (and the output from MSBuild), it should be building 'default targets' only, but it doesn't specify what that means exactly.

The command I am running:
cmake.exe --build vc110 --target INSTALL --config Release_mdd

This is building every single target in the solution, even if they have been turned off by EXCLUDE_FROM_DEFAULT_BUILD, EXCLUDE_FROM_DEFAULT_BUILD_<CONFIG>, or even EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL. Seemingly the only way I can prevent the excluded project from being built is to remove the target as a dependency on other targets, or invoke MSBuild with the solution file directly, which isn't very cross-platform friendly, and I'd prefer to utilize CMake's knowledge of the build tools than write my own MSBuild finder. 

More information:
I have a runtime library and a plugin that is loaded in an executable. The runtime library is being built for multiple configurations (Release, Debug, Release_mdd, Debug_md), but the plugin is only supposed to build in Release and Debug. I have excluded the plugin from the default build:
SET( CMAKE_CONFIGURATION_TYPES "Release;Release_mdd;Debug;Debug_md" )

I can call MSBuild with the solution file, and it correctly ignores the builds that are marked as excluded, but AFAIK CMake's build tool mode doesn't support this right now, I believe because of the usage of the References in ALL BUILD causes all referenced projects to be built, regardless of the solution configuration ('fixable' by using /p:BuildProjectReferences=false as an option to MSBuild)

Looking through the code (cmGlobalVisualStudio10Generator::GenerateBuildCommand), it seems I can 'spoof' it into using the sln and ignoring the ALL_BUILD vcxproj file completely if I specify 'clean' as the target, and then add /t:Build to the end of the command line. I'd rather not do this, as it doesn't remove the 'clean' option.

I guess my question is if the build tool mode is making assumptions about what file I want it to build with? 

As a workaround, is there an option to force it to use devenv for the time being?



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