[ANNOUNCE] CMake 3.16.3 available for download

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[ANNOUNCE] CMake 3.16.3 available for download

CMake mailing list
We are pleased to announce that CMake 3.16.3 is now available for download.

Please use the latest release from our download page:

Thanks for your support!

Changes in 3.16.3 since 3.16.2:

Ashley Whetter (1):
  FindOpenSSL: Fix ordering of dependency link flags

Brad King (3):
  GNUtoMS: Add search path for VS 2019 environment scripts
  IRSL: Install msvcp140_{1,2,codecvt_ids}.dll if available
  CMake 3.16.3

Cristian Adam (4):
  ObjC: Add _COMPILE_LAUNCHER support
  Unity Build: include language in generated source file name
  PCH: No repeated path for internal generated PCH files (MSVC case)

Kyle Edwards (2):
  CTest: Improve error handling when reading resource spec file
  CPack: Fix regression in DEB generator description

Marc Chevrier (3):
  FindPython*: Fix erroneous target properties setting
  macOS: Add support for new Xcode 11 frameworks directory
  FindPython: ensure new Xcode framework for Python3 is detected

Miro HronĨok (1):
  FindPython: Add support for version 3.9

Neil Carlson (1):
  Fortran: Add support for NAG Fortran submodules

Pavel Liavonau (1):
  VS: Add Fortran link flag table entries for /OPT:*

Robert Maynard (1):
  CUDA: Do not device link if target has no CUDA usage

Sebastian Holtermann (1):
  Autogen: Enable SKIP_UNITY_BUILD_INCLUSION on AUTORCC generated files

Silvio Traversaro (2):
  FindMatlab: add R2019a and R2019b MATLAB_VERSIONS_MAPPING
  FindMatlab: in matlab_add_mex use the correct version file

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